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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I would like to schedule a surf lesson or surf camp. How do I do it?
If you would like to schedule a lesson or surf camp, you can use our on-line schedule. ust go to the day you would like to book your surf lesson or camp, click on the lesson in the schedule and complete payment using credit card. After you lesson is booked you will receive a confirmation email. If you don't see the lesson time you want in our online schedule or have any special questions or concerns, you can contact Nick Krieger directly at Keep in mind that Nick spends most of his day on the beach and in the water so you may not hear a response until later that evening. You can also call the 2 Mile Surf Shop at 415 868 0264.

Q. I see the surf camp or lesson in the online schedule but how do I know if there is space available?
Just click on the camp or lesson in our on-line schedule. If it allows you to make a booking there is space available. If the camp or lesson has dark lines through it then it is booked. If you have a large group of kids you would like to sign up for camp feel free to call or email us to find out if there is enough room for everyone.

Q. How do I schedule a private lesson or 1 hour kids private surf lesson for more than one person?
When scheduling a private surf lesson or a kids private surf lesson for more than one person in our on-line schedule, you will need reserve and pay for everyone that will be attending. This will ensure that we have the correct number of boards, suits and instructors reserved for your lesson. Groups larger than 6 should call or email for scheduling.

Q. Do I have to call or email the surf shop to reserve equipment for my surf lesson.
No, if you have scheduled a space in our beginner group class or a private lesson your equipment will be waiting for you at the surf shop. You can pay for you surf equipment in advance on our schedule when booking the lesson spots or just pay when you arrive at the shop.

Q. Whats included in the surf lesson rental package and how much does it cost?
The surf lesson rental package includes a surfboard of your choice for three hours, a 4/3 mm wetsuit, and boots, all for $40. This is a $15 discount off the regular rental price of $55.

Q. How do I receive the alumni, multiple kid or week discount for the summer camp.
To receive the alumni, multiple kid or week discount you must book over the phone or by mail. Discounts are not available through our online schedule. Please call 2 Mile at 415 868 0264 or mail a check to P.O. Box 445 Bolinas, Ca, 94924.

Q. Should I tip my surf instructor?
Tips are always appreciated.

Q. Do I need to be a good swimmer to learn to surf?
You must know how to swim to join one of our surf lessons, but you do not need to be an "Olympic" swimmer. If you can swim with your face under water you will probably be fine. We are usually in shallow water, touching the bottom, and you are attached to your board with a leash so there is not much swimming required when surfing in Bolinas.

Q. How do I purchase a Gift Certificate or a lesson package?
To purchase a gift certificate or lesson package, please call the 2 Mile Surf Shop at (415) 868-0264 or email me at If you are purchasing a gift certificate, we will need the address to send it to. If you are purchasing a lesson package, you can schedule all of the lessons now or receive a certificate good for one year and schedule them whenever you like.

Q. How do I schedule a lesson with a Gift Certificate?
To schedule a lesson with a gift certificate, please go to our on-line schedule and find the lesson time you would like to book. Then just call us at the 2 Mile Surf Shop at (415) 868 0264 or send me an email at and we can book the lesson for you. You cannot book the lesson your self on-line with a gift certificate. When you contact us, we will need the lesson date and time that you would like to book, the gift certificate number and the date it was purchased.

Q. What should I wear under my wetsuit?
Most people who own their wetsuits don't wear anything under them. Wetsuits fit so tightly that there isn't room for most types of shorts. Some women like to wear swimsuits (without metal underwire) because it makes it easier to change with a towel next to the car. Some men wear Speedos under their suits. If you're renting a wetsuit, you may want to put something on under it. If you don't have a Speedo, any short running shorts or short trunks will do fine. Some people also like to wear rash guards under their suits. Rash guards stops water flow in the suit and may keep you a little warmer. They are available to buy at the 2 Mile Surf Shop.

Q. Will I be cold surfing in the Bolinas? And how warm does it get?
Most people are surprised by how warm they feel. Bolinas is in a protected bay so the water is warmer than most other beaches in the Bay Area. The average summer water temp is about 60 degrees. The water temperatures are usually warmest in July and August, after a long stretch of high overcast skies and glassy conditions. Summer water temps can reach 64 degrees.

Q. What thickness wetsuit should I rent or buy?
If you're renting, always ask for a 4/3 mm suit. Most people who only own one wetsuit own a 4/3mm, which means the suit is 4mm thick in the chest and legs and 3mm thick in the arms. In a 4/3, you will be hot on the warmest summer days and a little cool on the colder spring days. Many people wear a hood with their suits in the winter. A hood helps prevent heat from escaping from your head and keeps your ears toasty warm . I have a 4/3 that I wear in the summer and a hooded 5/3 with that I wear in the winter. 2 Mile Surf Shop rents the highest quality 4/3mm wetsuits.

Q. Is there anything I can do to prepare for surfing?
. Yes. Lie on the ground as if you were lying on a surfboard and try to jump to your feet, keeping your hands on the ground. You want your front foot to land in between your hands. Push-ups are good to build strength, and yoga is good for flexibility and body awareness.

Q. I want to learn to surf, but I'm afraid of sharks.
Although there are great white sharks in Northern California waters, it is very unlikely that you will ever see one, let alone be bitten by one. There is less than one great white attack per year on a surfer in all of the US, and almost all of the surfers who have been bitten have survived. You're three times more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark and worldwide more people are killed by falling coconuts than shark attacks. If you drive on the freeway, you should be far more concerned by the fact that there are nearly 40,000 fatal car accidents per year in California alone.

Q. Can I surf with contact lenses?
Yes, I use contacts every time I surf. I would have a hard time catching waves without them. I only lose my contacts when I open my eyes under water.

Q. The salt burns my eyes. Should I were swim goggles?
Salt water shouldn't burn your eyes because it is very similar to tears. It is probably the sunscreen or makeup that is creating the irritation. Goggles are not a good idea because they tend to fog up or get washed off in the surf. However, if your goggles are prescription and you don't have contacts, they may be worth a try

If you have any other questions pleases feel free to email me any time: